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What are cookies?

Cookies are small well-intentioned text files that get stored on your computer, mobile phone or tablet when you visit a particular website. Otherwise, their storage is under complete control of the browser that the site visitor uses. The browser can limit or disable cookie storage according to user’s preferences. Cookies are absolutely necessary for the normal operation of the website and are as such completely harmless and time-limited. Modern websites use them to improve user experience.

Why are cookies used?

Even though they are also used for an effective navigation between pages and to save your settings, their general function is to improve user experience, as they make interaction between the website and the visitor quicker and easier. If the website does not use cookies, it will treat you as a new user when showing each page. Your preset settings will thus not be saved, for example.

Cookie Types

Mandatory cookies store certain settings or preferences of yours, so you do not have to save the settings each time you visit.
The function of social media and web analytics cookies serve is to significantly increase the functionality and user experience of the website. With the help of acquired data, web analytics enables the website to get even closer to user preferences, while social media cookies allow content sharing and networking on social media.

Are cookies safe?

Cookies are not harmful to your computer, do not contain viruses or any other malicious code.

Can I turn off cookies?

We use cookies for a better user experience on the website, they are also needed for the proper functioning of the website. If cookies are disabled, some features on the website will not work. If you choose to turn off cookies, you can do so using the settings in your browser.

How to manage cookies in your browser:

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can change this in your browser settings to delete cookies and prevent automatic accepting. If you do not want cookies to be stored on your device, use the browser settings to change that.
For a more detailed insight into the cookie settings, select the web browser you are currently using:

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  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Opera